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In Memoriam


In Memoriam

Goldfellow Stargazer “Leevi K” 29.10.2008 – 05.12.2009

Oulainen group show

Judge Kirsi Nieminen
Goldfellow Aquaracer EXC-2, BD-4. Congratulations Sari ja Juha!


Puppy news!

The mating of Heli x Jussi resulted in one male puppy born at 11:32. He was measured at 4300 g and 53 cm. The little-man and mother are well :) Thanks for all the congratulations.pikku_ukko2

Pieksämäki, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

Goldfellow Aquadome “Dante” Junior class winner with excellent, BD-1, CC, BOS!!!
Goldfellow Aquamarine “Neela” jun exc/2
FIN&EST MVA BH Gladtail Opium Kiss “Lyyti” champion class winner with excellent, BB-3

Tallinn Estonia Winner 2008

judge Dennis Kutzel

FIN Ch BH Gladtail Opium Kiss working class winner with excellent, BB-2, rCACIB, CC-> EST Ch!!!

Golden special, Tallinn, Estonia

Judge Heather Morris, kennel Sandusky
Gladtail Opium Kiss “Lyyti” Working class EXL/1, Best bitch-4


Hamina INT, Judge Paula Rekiranta.
Goldfellow Aquajewel “Maija” Junior class EXL/1.
BH Gladtail Opium Kiss “Lyyti” Working class EXL/1, Best bitch-2, CAC, reserve-CACIB = FIN CH!!!

Our Princess got the following results before finishing her championship:
2 x BOB, 5 x BOS, 12 x CAC, 7 x reserve-CAC, 3 x CACIB, 2 x reserve-CACIB, Best bitch-1 x 7, Best bitch-2 x 6, Best bitch-3 x 4, Best bitch-4 x 4, BIG-3.

Special thank you to my aunt-Kirsi, Mika and Eevi for being so flexible with me taking Lyyti to shows. That’s why you have had so many “dogless” weekends ;) Enormous thank yous to breeder-Anne for this amazing dog and all the help you have given me!


Helsinki INT Aptus, judge Ove Germudsen.
Goldfellow Aquajewel “Maija” Junior class EXL/1, BOS-junior.

maija aptus